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Why Buy Teeth Whitening Kits from us?

The Professional, affordable teeth whitening company Since 2008

Teeth Whitening Shop is the UK’s #1 teeth whitening retailer and an expert in the home whitening retail market. As a company we have been selling teeth whitening kits since 2008. In this time we have gained a wealth of knowledge through customer feedback and have forged relationships with some of the worlds largest and well renowned dental care brands.

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Teeth Whitening Shop dispatch hundreds of home teeth whitening treatments every day improving the lives of tens of thousands of our customers.

Our home teeth whitening kits are more affordable than costly visits to the dentist and much easier to use in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

Even today in the UK, it is common thought that a visit to the dentist, to receive a cosmetic whitening treatment from a dental professional is the only safe way, to achieve a gleaming white celebrity smile.

Visiting the dentist can give you excellent whitening results however it is very costly, it can cost over 10 times as much as our Professional level teeth whitening products.

The procedures often occur over several visits which can be very inconvenient. The whitening clinic may make you visit to dentist up to 6 times depending on the type of treatment.

Due to the overwhelming benefits of using home teeth whitening kits we have seen an increasingly larger number of customers deciding to choose home teeth whitening kits over laborious  and expensive trips to the dentist.

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As cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry continue to increase in popularity in the UK, as well as cosmetic brands. The average British consumer now spends a significant portion of their income on health & beauty products and personal care items.

The University of Leeds published a paper confirming the link between attractiveness and colour shade of teeth. The paper confirmed that given the choice to change any facial feature, colour shade of teeth and shape of nose were the most important factors people would identify in attractiveness. The paper suggests having white looking teeth is more a important factor for a women to have.

As our teeth whitening kits are quick, affordable, safe and easy to use there is more reason than ever, to achieve a gleaming white shade of teeth and start smiling today.

From our extensive customer feedback research, we have identified the biggest obstacles consumers face when keeping on top of teeth discolouration.

Often it is overlooked due to our busy schedules in a demanding modern environment, time is a crucial component there seems to be not enough of.

At Teeth Whitening Shop we have introduced a monthly teeth whitening plan, to take the stress out of whitening. The basic plan will keep your teeth looking white all year round and the professional plan will have you smiling like a celebrity.

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