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The specialists in teeth whitening kits, pens, toothpaste, teeth whitening strips, & other whitening products, we have helped thousands of customers over many years achieve bright white smiles they are proud of.

We take pride in offering an affordable alternative to dental whitening, which is easy to use, more convenient and effective. All treatments found on our website have been vigorously tested for safety, effectiveness and ease of use, before we offer any item for sale.

Using a home teeth whitening kit can be daunting for a first time time user as there are many horror stories out there from rogue teeth whitening procedures. Teeth Whitening Shop has en excellent track record of providing safe and easy to use teeth whitening products such as 3D Crest White Strips or Crest 3D White Strips created by the biggest manufacturers worldwide. We hope you enjoy browsing our store for the best home teeth whitening kits available in the UK.

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As a company we have been involved with the sale of teeth whitening products for over a decade and have always been at the forefront of trends with varying methods of treatments available to achieve fantastic, gleaming white teeth.

We often test new teeth whitening products from other We often test new products from other countries to introduce them to the UK market, where perhaps the products have not had any exposure however offer excellent results and alternative treatment methods, we would look into offering them in online retail locations.

The most popular & professional teeth whitening kits from the USA are from Crest, the dental hygiene brand. Crest products are available nationwide in the USA in all the large name stores.

Crest decided to offer a range of whitening strips (3D Crest White Strips or Crest 3D White Strips) which adhere to your teeth, whitening strips are one of the easiest ways to whiten as you simply place them to your teeth for roughly 30 minutes depending on the type, once removed you are then able to go about your day.

3D Crest White Strips are the world’s #1 teeth whitening product.

snow white teeth whitening pen
crest teeth whitening

White teeth are essential to success in our modern environment, it is no longer acceptable in society to have yellowed or stained teeth as it is now easier to avoid than ever.

Independent studies have shown having white teeth has a direct effect on interpersonal interactions especially in regards to first impressions.

The three part study has shown job applicants were 53% more likely to be hired, a first date is 54% more likely to turn into a 2nd and 59% of users were naturally more outgoing after having their teeth whitened.

There are many UK based whitening brands which we stock as well as importing products from other countries. Snow white is a brand featured in the picture to the left is available in most large UK retailers.

Snow White offer several types of home teeth whitening kit, one of the easiest types to use, are teeth whitening pens. It only requires 30 seconds to use a teeth whitening pen and with the premium whitening formula from Snow White, they have been proven to dramatically whiten teeth when used frequently.

Teeth Whitening Kits