Dental Well being – oral peice of mind

The appearance of oral hygiene is incredibly important to social stature.

Celebrities which are given the highest of social status, will always under any circumstance will have gleaming, shiny, bright, white teeth and a smile to show them off.

A prolific survey spanning several British universities realised given the option of all facial features having white teeth and fresh breath are the most important and desirable of all.


Teeth Whitening at home
Teeth Whitening Dental Plan

We want to welcome you to our very own all year round teeth whitening plan.

This plan not only gives you the ability to have a beautifully white smile every day of the year, but to be delivered straight to your door, stress and hassle free at a bargain price!

You no longer need to worry about ordering your teeth whitening kit in time, or allowing enough time for the strips to make a difference for that special occasion. – With our monthly dental plan your set of dazzling white teeth will be ready and proud to show off at any time.

From just £9.99 per month, you can be signed up and ready to go!

We believe, having a monthly dental plan will not only benefit the color of your teeth, but to gain confidence in which many people lose due to their lack of happiness within the color of their teeth.

To be involved in an all year whitening plan, would allow your teeth to be sparkling white at all times without any worry or panic about first impressions. Our dental plan is designed to fit easily into busy, forgetful or last minute lives. Your order is automatically sent out monthly, where for just a few days of whitening, your teeth will sustain an amazingly white shade.


Dental Well being - oral peice of mind

Here at the Teeth Whitening shop

We offer two dental plans to fit each individual need. We offer a 3 strip touch up– including 3 whitening strips per month, to be used as a 3 day course to enhance your smile and touch up on faded whitening. 

We also offer a monthly professional whitening dental plan including a 5 day course of professional whitening strips. This dental plan has been designed for personnel that acquire a professional white looking smile at all times!

With a flexible plan that allows you to cancel/amend at any time, Teeth whitening shop would like to be the answer to your confident new smile.

Did You Know?

99% of people that use home teeth whitening, openly suggested that teeth whitening strips were the easiest choice with the best results. After years of research, teeth whitening strips are safely approved for individuals to use as part of their home oral routine. Teeth whitening shop values the views and thoughts of new and existing customers, designing a variety of dental plans to revolve around you.


The dental plan is designed to avoid taking a full course of teeth whitening strips 2-3 times per year, we suggest if using the 3 strip touch up then you may want to do a full course once a year alongside this. The Professional dental plan will not need to be used with any other course throughout the year, this plan allows you to have a gleaming smile by using the 5 day course monthly, alone.

Signing up to the dental plan spreads the cost of your yearly teeth whitening over the months, giving you a perfect white smile which is cost effective to your monthly expenditure.

So whether you want a professional celebrity smile, orjust  a confidence boosting set of teeth all year round, then we have the perfect plan for you!

Dental Well being - oral peice of mind - smiley

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